One thing that sets DEMED apart from all other scrub companies is the fabric. In fact, the fabric itself possesses so many great qualities that one blog post could not possibly cover them all! In light of the holiday season and the winter months ahead, this particular post will discuss the brushed inside of the fabric as well as its water resistant and moisture wicking properties. We couldn’t think of a better way to show you than to take a video of Derek standing in the bed of his truck plunging into the snow after a long day of shoveling in his DEMED unisex pants. Anyone that knows Derek personally will tell you that his sensitivity to the cold is unlike anything they have ever seen. I mean, he doesn’t even turn the air conditioner on in his bedroom in the summer – come on now! Anyhow, Derek being the one that was elected to shovel the snow that day decided that he would put our scrubs to the ultimate test. To say they passed would be an understatement. Not only did he stay warm, but he stayed DRY too! This test may seem silly, however our goal was to prove that our scrubs are different in all the right ways. Too often we see healthcare professionals struggling to keep warm in the winter months and in the unnaturally cold climate of a hospital. It’s also impossible to stay dry in your current scrubs on rainy or snowy days. It is common for professionals to wear long sleeve shirts under their scrub tops and to tuck their pants into boots to keep the water from clinging all the way up from their ankles to their knees. Our goal was to show that our scrubs will allow you to do away with the long sleeve t’s and the boots forever. DEMED will be the only attire that you will need in the workplace. Finally, a scrub that works for you so that you can work on helping others! Without further ado, here is the video from the blizzard of 2015!

– Devyn